Interview: Techno Wizard Jimmy Edgar Explains His Paranormal Experiences


“I Always Felt That I Had Some Kind Of Magical Power…”

For years, Jimmy Edgar’s erotically charged hot techno tunes have set nightclubs in a seismic orgasm. After leaving an unruly lifestyle for a more down tempo one that involves meditating and connecting with spiritual manifestations of the divine, he has radically transformed. There is depth, design and a glint of enlightenment in his words.

His label, ‘Ultramajic’ is the latest muse to emerge from his multi-faceted resume of creative pursuits. The Detroit native and Berlin based producer’s knack for the occult and extraordinary alchemy phenomenon are poured into his Mercurio EP, the first of many releases on this mystifying imprint. This three tracker is a hefty trio of dance floor shakers. It has edgy metallic reverbs, raw, buoyant and upbeat snare rhythms, and infectiously stimulating vocal samples.

But Jimmy’s creative gifts and interests have rounded a very intriguing character. There is more to the man behind the decks at a dim lit smoky club. VIBE caught up with Jimmy to divulge into his trippiest experiences and majick.

VIBE: You live in Berlin. It’s such a revolutionizing city. Tell me some of your favorite things about it?
Jimmy Edgar: It’s convenient to live in Berlin for travelling. I live very close to a great bio grocery store, thats good enough for me. When I come home, I am straight to working. Berlin is where I get all my work done; it’s not a relaxing city. I do love the option to go hear music on Sundays though.

Your music productions exude this supernatural vibe. Have you ever had an interaction with the paranormal? Did you feel your behavior changed after that?
I’ve had paranormal experiences ever since I was a little kid. This isn’t an easy topic just to brush by, it’s a full on conversation that demands explanations, which is why I am constantly reading what I can about metaphysics, ancient knowledge, magic and quantum mechanics. I always felt that I had some kind of magical power, and from that belief I feel you actually can change reality. It’s only the limits we put on ourselves that are the real illusions. I talked about seeing auras and having color attributes to everything when I released my album Majenta, and the funny part about that is I always assumed people could see this same thing, but I learnt in my 20s that not many people care to try. You can see prana energy, without trying, outside an airplane window most easily. Second easiest is when a storm is coming. Third, you can make it move and static with your mind when its dark and using your hands. With practice, anyone can do this. I see us all being equal and capable, but this is where I put my focus these days because I really strive to develop something more than what we think of as being human.

Since we’re on the subject of behavior, you’ve worked in fashion, photography etc. Do you think that character is a form of style or is style a form of character? Or is there an X factor that is something that only you know?
I’m not sure how you define character and style, but I have had this conversation recently about music creating style or style creating music and we all agreed that music creates the style. Not only because it really is some kind of universal language but also because style changes more drastically from culture to culture. I believe we are all linked in some kind of way, I don’t really think about originality anymore rather than I think to evolve and hybridize ideas. I’ve been in the originality trap before, this cycle of trying to discover something new on your own but really you pull ideas from the other, that which claiming ownership doesn’t seem right.

Are you into Tarot and Numerology? Do you believe that tarot cards have the ability to look into your future and give you an idea of what to expect?
I am on one level very interested in these belief systems, but on another level I feel they are completely unnecessary. I believe Tarot is merely a system of philosophical divination that which connects to your subconscious for you to be able to speak from that place. I find hypnosis and meditation a lot better to find the answers, but I think Tarot can be amazing too. I cannot stress enough how important it is to be in a good mental place and to always look at things in a certain way; in a positive way, and rising above the traps of polarity… in other words, belief that even the shitty things that happen have some higher purpose, this allows you to rise above in your own way. I do find whenever I do a tarot reading that its very accurate and its fun to do readings for friends, and most people are surprise by the specific accuracy. Numerology is great because I like numbers but its very vague and I don’t know enough about the really deep philosophy to make use of it. I do however always pay attention to reoccurring numbers in my life; like many other people, I grew up seeing 11:11 everywhere and even kept a journal because of how much it was happening. I’ve read all the theories why this was happening but always just felt it better as a mystery, or some kind of reminder of your path. Who knows, how easily it could be the subconscious saying to look at a clock, which funnily enough would go along with what I think about it. The problem with these divinations, and the problem with magic is that they take the power away from you. If you are commanding spirits, thinking the cards have power, or anything that gives power to someone else, then you are just giving power away from yourself. I think it’s more important to empower yourself and have the genuine knowing that you are the one creating your reality, which I wholeheartedly believe. I tend to subscribe most to the quantum theory of the Holographic Universe, because I am a man and “logical” so some of the feminine aspects of spirituality are hard to grasp, but this theory basically explains things from a more mathematical process.

When you listen to your music, what can you see?
If I meditate I go into this point somewhere in my chest or in my head, depending on my mood. I see this sort of sphere that changes color and shape, but strangely it’s really out of time with the music and I don’t know why. It tends to change shape slower then the beats. Sometimes when I listen to more tribal music or music of indigenous people the shape and color stops moving all together and it is somehow static in space as if the music is holding some kind of symbol or message through this shape and color. I think its a good exercise to really ask yourself what you see and feel when you are dancing, because dancing allows you to get into this hypnotic state where you have access to all these tools. When I am producing music I am mostly looking at each section of music as if its some kind of 3D shape and color, so it depends how these go together… almost like I am sculpting. That’s why my music tends to be dry, sharp, but with soft overtones and deep with color.

Ok, let’s talk about the Mercurio EP now, particularly that track, “Ultraviolet”. A lot of crunchy synths in that one. Great stuff. Productions like Ultraviolet, you know the synth driven/EBM type of stuff, is starting to see a renaissance of sorts. What do you think?
There will always be a new sound from the past resurfacing. We saw it again with house music and now even that is starting to be boring. I think it’s not important to focus on whats the cool next sound and just go with your feeling. For “Ultraviolet”, I started this song years ago so it’s not really relevant to what you are asking but I felt it would go with the EP quite well. “Hot Inside”, my first EP on Ultramajic was the Sulphur symbol of inner alchemy. “Mercurio” is the meeting of high and low, water and air, the fusion to make steam, or vapor so it felt appropriate to have part of the Sulphur vibe, which is how I feel “Ultraviolet” has. It’s the trinity vibration that will carry into the next release and the culmination being fourth, a symbol of inner ascension, done the Ultramajic way.

Could you list 3 things you shouldn’t do if you are looking to start your own label?
If you are starting a record label then I suggest focusing on a good style for everything. We spend endless nights on the artwork. Of course, I am very particular about the music and I won’t release anything that isn’t perfect. But, Pilar Zeta is the same way with her design, and since we do everything together sometimes we are working days on end to find the perfect object or the right color scheme. Last night we worked for the third day on Danny Daze’s cover and we are extremely happy with it. We check if its a good evolution from the other releases and we make sure we are going in the direction we want. Its very meticulous but now we can look at the covers as if they are masterpieces, because they also have deep concepts to them too.

What are some of the forthcoming releases that you have planned for Ultramajic? Any new artists we should be aware of?
Danny Daze is the next record. JETS material is being worked on. We have some new artists as well that will be announced properly, so no reason to ruin the surprise now; I am prepping them to be ready for Ultramajic showcasing too.

What’s next for you? Are you going to be focusing on your side creative endeavors or just music for now?
Ultramajic has me very busy so I will focus on this, I am working on new airbrush pieces and 2014 I will see less traveling so I can do more artwork instead of performing.