It Was All A Dream: Basketball Passport’s Ultimate Fan Odyssey Through Every NBA Arena in 30 Nights


Before you read this, answer one question: what’s on the top of your bucket list? What do you want to see, experience and humble brag to your grandkids about when you look back on your life?

Taking a basketball pilgrimage around the country is something Peter Robert Casey always wanted to do. To keep track of all the venues he visited, Casey kept a simple goggle doc file to mark off places like the Chesapeake Energy Arena for an Oklahoma City Thunder game and the Palestra when he went to watch Penn against Villanova. His system kept track of visited venues, but didn’t truly capture the moment.

“I came up with the idea to digitize my bucket list,” Casey said. “I reached out to web developer Kyle Whelliston and he responded with a great point saying, ‘I should not only mark places I’ve been but also where I want to visit.”

Enter A new website founded by Casey, which allows its travelers (the term coined for users of the site) to keep track not only of what games they’ve attended, but the dates, the best statistical performances they’ve seen live, the winning percentage of each team when they’re watching in attendance and other fun items that normally would take too much time to tally.

“A bucket list is full of places you want to see in the future,” Casey added. “But to complete the picture, I want to see where I’ve been.”

One of the features of BBPP is the Arena Challenge list, where travelers can attempt to visit all the arenas in a state, collegiate conference, or by NBA team. To promote the site and fulfill a dream, Casey chose to complete the latter. In 30 days.