Jeezy Unveils 8732 2014 Spring Collection

When it came time to shoot the lookbook for Jeezy’s forthcoming 8732 clothing collection, the brand chose a “hustler” who plays the corner position very well. For his “effortless style,” 8732’s creative team nabbed 2x Superbowl champion Asante Samuels to model the new threads. Samuels currently plays corner for the Atlanta Falcons, which is the home of the 8732 brand. The Spring ’14 collection includes an array of hats, jean suits and jackets. This time around, the streetwear line ditched the Hell’s Angels logo for paisley prints, intertwining chains and intricate number designs. The numbers 8732 spell USDA (United Streets Dopeboyz of America) — the name of Jeezy’s former clique — on a phone dial pad.

“Asante has an approachable look/appeal and stands for integrity on and off the field, so we knew he would be a great fit as one of the many faces, for our sports edition of the lookbook. We are honored to have Asante represent the 8732 brand.” — 8732 Creative team

8732’s Spring 2014 collection will be available online and in selected stores throughout the United States soon. Click through the gallery above to check it out now.