Jhené Aiko Talks ‘Souled Out’, The State Of Female R&B And Beyonce’s New Album


Long the best-kept secret in R&B, Jhené Aiko finally escaped the world of mixtapes and hip-hop features in late 2013 when her exquisite Sail Out EP rode a wave of critical acclaim all the way to number eight on the Billboard Hot 200 — no easy feat for a debut set without a radio hit.

She’s grateful for the EP’s success but that’s not her end goal. “[Music] is something I’m going to do regardless of the benefits I reap from it. Because I love doing it, it keeps me doing it no matter how successful,” says the 25-year-old. “I really stay motivated by people that come up to me and they tell me how much they’re connected to a song.”

And it’s hard for listeners not to feel attached to the singer after hearing the frank, emotionally raw tracks on Sail Out. On “Comfort Inn Ending” Jhené unleashes a stream of consciousness confessional touching on everything from past lovers to her brother’s death. “I didn’t write anything down,” she explains. “I just went in the booth and told this story. I just really wanted it to be super raw and say whatever came to my mind.”

According to the Def Jam diva, the sprawling track is a taste of what’s to come on her much-anticipated debut LP Souled Out. “I would say that ‘Comfort Inn Ending is a good sneak peak into what the album will sound like,” she reveals. “The sound is different in the sense that the music is more intricate and there are live instruments. I feel like everything is on another level. It’s deeper.”

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