Kanye West’s ‘Bound 2′ Motorcycle May Have Been Sold On eBay


Kanye West may have wanted his “Bound 2″ visual to “look as phony as possible” but one of his fans wanted the real deal so much that he may have copped the motorcycle the rapper and his mega-famous fiancee straddled on eBay.

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According to the Huffington Post, the post for the speed bike hit the ‘Net on Nov. 26 with a hilarious description (best parts emboldened):

2010 registered Honda CRF250 used in the Kanye West Bound 2 Video.

Kanye came to London in October 2013 to shoot the video with Nick Knight in the Park Royal Studios.

When we delivered the bike we had no idea that Kanye and his bride Kim would be having sex on it.

That said, the 2010 CRF is one of the world’s most capable dirtbikes and can handle anything that’s thrown at it.

Prior to the shoot this bike completed 5 x 2 Welsh enduros and nearly 2 Weston beach races.

We haven’t cleaned the bike so winning bidder receives it as seen, with any marks or residues from the shoot included – possibly with some unicorn gold dust or whatever it is that Kanye shoots out of his magic penis.

Bike located in Central London and Will ship worldwide.

The bike was reportedly sold shortly after with the starting bid at 4,500 British pounds, or just over $7,300. The buyer is still anonymous but we’re sure s/he is in for a ride.