Karrueche Opens Up About Relationship With Chris Brown [Video]


The designer also speaks on staying cognitive on how critical every move she makes is monitored. “Sometimes I hold back from tweeting certain things..sometimes you’re emotional and you want to tweet a lyric or whatever it maybe and sometimes I can’t do that because if I do then it’s like, ‘This means this and she must be going through this,’ it’s like what the hell?”

In the end, we may not understand her, but she’s grown to better understand herself through her many public trials. “I’ve discovered myself a little more, personality wise. Just being put through certain situations, whether its being in the spotlight, heartbreak, friends coming and going, family. I’ve grown and I’ve matured and I kinda like that. Even going back to like the haters and stuff; it’s messed up what they say but that’s made me stronger and its built me to who I am today and I’m completely fine with that.”