Kim Kardashian Scammed By Andy Warhol’s Cousin?

It looks like a painting of Kim Kardashian by Monica Warhol (who says she’s the cousin of esteemed artist Andy Warhol) wasn’t on the reality TV starlet’s wish list when sources close to Kanye West’s soon-to-be-wife said, “she’s never heard of the woman.”

The Tucson painter says she has already made nine portraits of Kim and that her pieces generally sell between $20K to $70K each, TMZ reports.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that Monica was hired by the “Bound 2” rapper to paint a portrait of his 33-year-old fiancee but Kim’s people claim that Monica is just using the publicity for her own “15 minutes of fame.”

The artist tells TMZ that she’s being shaded by KimYe because what was supposed to be a surprise is now ruined. Should the high-profile pair decide they no longer want the image, Monica will sell the piece online.

Check out her other interpretations of Kim K here.

Photo Credit: MW Factory