Lakers Security Guard Arrested For Stealing Championship Rings


You really wanna be like Kobe, huh? Well, don’t be like this guy and think it’s all good to steal his championship rings and gift cards. That’s what one L.A. Lakers security guard Eddie Monterroso did recently. The 23-year-old who worked at the Toyota Sports Center is accused of jacking championship rings and $20,000 worth of gift cards from an office inside the complex where the Lakers practice.

Monterroso apparently spent $15,000 of those gift cards on TVs and iPads, but when the Lakers reported rings and gift cards missing, the cops arrested him and charged him with burglary and grand theft.

“Our detectives did a great job in finding out who he was,” El Segundo Police Lt. Jaime Bermudez said after the arrest. “It wasn’t easily apparent who it was. We caught a couple lucky breaks.” — Max Weinstein