Legless Prankster Scares Shoppers ‘Walking Dead’-Style

Meet Nick Santonastasso, a legless prankster who doesn’t let his disabilities keep him from having a little fun. He dedicates his Vines and YouTube channel to going above and beyond his handicapped lifestyle, including scaring around random shoppers (above) with his “zombie” prank, where he lunges at customers on the ground like an extra in The Walking Dead. While some folks may think it’s crude humor, Santonastasso was the subject of an inspiring segment (below) on the TODAY show in 2008, detailing his life being born without developed limbs and getting to meet NFL vet Tiki Barber. #realtears To sum up this guy’s huge ambition, he says, “It’s a big earth run around by small men. Go out and do what you want to do. It’s just a word.”