Lena Dunham Dishes Out Plans For ‘Girls’ Season Three

In an interview with Salon, Lena Dunham revealed her exciting plans for season 3 of Girls, including more camera time on each character individually, and the change her character, Hannah, will embark on.

“…I really wanted it to be about why she wants to be a writer and what it means to her, to make it less about her relationship to any particular guy and about how she is defining herself…I think what we are going for was to look at about how much of her desire was about actually wanting to write and how much is wanting to have this life,” Dunham said.

Another goal the Directors Guiild-award winner said she hopes to accomplish this season is to bring the character’s back-stories to the forefront so viewers will attain a clearer understanding on the obstacles they’re facing.

“I feel like that’s the thing you often don’t get in comedies about a bunch of pals, a sense of where they’re coming from and why. I wanted to talk about that moment when the messiness goes from feeling age-appropriate to ‘Is this a problem?'” Dunham said.

Girls premiers Jan. 12 on HBO.

Photo Credit: Getty Images