‘Love And Hip-Hop New York’ Recap: Taking Seats And Then Some

Love & Hip-Hop New York
Season 4, Episode 6

After a two-week absence, Love & Hip Hop returned last night, and based on what we all saw, I volunteer to tuck at least 75% of the cast back into bed. We’re only eight episodes into season four yet I am so very, very trained and I’m not even one of the dozen or so people in the Tri-State area who have slept with Peter Gunz. But, at least there was Joe Budden and his mama who recognized bad behavior and collectively tried to do something about it. That’s certainly more than I can say for many of the folks on here.—Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

Because I Just Sat On It

It’s so hard to believe that Tara and K. Michelle are “girls” outside of Tara listening to “Can’t Raise A Man” a few weeks before filming and going, “That’s my song!” Nevertheless, that’s their story and they’re sticking to it. The two met at a pizzeria in Harlem and during their conversation, Tara turned to K. Michelle for advice. I found that strange. No shade to K. Michelle, but she’s the person you go to after the man makes you cry…and that’s in song. Be that as it may, K. Michelle encouraged Tara to talk to Amina and Peter to “deal with it.”

The end result of that piece of advice was Tara showing up at Peter and Amina’s studio session and telling Amina that she “sat on it” – it being Peter Gunz’s penis. Also: She can sit on it whenever she wants. Yes, despite that Amina and Peter are married now. A serial cheater continuing to cheat: imagine that. Assuming no on ever told her that you lose them how you get them, Amina bursted into tears as Tara smugly threw the big reveal in her face. I can’t blame her for smirking as Amina ugly cried on camera. After all, she’s the ditz who told her, “As a woman, you didn’t know your man he was not faithful to you.” Looks like your intuition is on the fritz, too, boots. Not to mention, she takes way too much joy in “winning” a man away from another woman.

That said, though I imagine Tara felt good in that moment, I hope she’s now realizing she looks equally as silly as Amina does. This man treats his sexual relationships as if it were a game of duck duck goose. After a certain point, when do you decide to take yourself out of the game? This goes for Amina, too. Like, you can’t even meet his children, plus he’s already cheating on you after three minutes of marriage. Why are you invested in this? I hope I don’t sound like Steve Harvey Vanzant right now. I’m just saying: Masochism ain’t the move.

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