Malinda Williams Covers Rolling Out Magazine [Photos]

Malinda Williams covers rolling out magazine

Does Malinda Williams age? If her Rolling Out cover (above) is any indication, we think not. Malinda gets cutesy on the cover in an adorable teal and black baby doll dress and stretchy black over the knee boots. Rocking her signature pixie cut, the gorgeous 38-year-old talked to the magazine about what keeps her looking flawless and her UP TV movie Marry Me For Christmas.

“I am blessed with good genes and I don’t have to work out all the time. I have a grandfather who is 103 years old and is still walking on his own. We have good genes and we grilled my grandfather on what he eats [to stay healthy],” she said.

About her TV movie, Malinda gushed, “I am excited about the movie. It’s the first time I am a producer. I am the executive producer along with Swirl Films. We shot this movie in eight days and if you ever been on a movie set, that’s a huge undertaking.”

Stunning Malinda! Flip the page for the rest of the pics and tell us what you think of the spread.

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