McDonald’s Tells Employees: ‘Don’t Eat Fast Food’

Looks like McDonald’s has got their messages mixed up.

The McResource Line is the company’s employee-only website where advice is distributed around to staff, and they’ve come up with some interesting suggestions lately, such as getting a second job or selling their stuff for some quick bucks. Now, however, McDonald’s is selling their own product short and telling employees to eat healthier options.

What you see above is an official image from the McResource Line website, and it clearly signals to workers that McDonald’s is “almost always high in calories, fat, sugar, and salt.” The website suggests eating “at places that offer a variety of salads, soups, and vegetables to help maintain your best health.” Almost seems paradoxical.

McDonald’s made a statement to CNBC that the website’s tips “continue to be taken entirely out of context” and the company is looking into these matters. — Max Weinstein

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