Meek Mill Talks Kendrick Lamar, New Clothing Line And Style

Meek Mill has been chasing dreams since he was that little cornrowed ball of ambition in tall tees, running his mouth in Philly. Now, he’s rocking the highest of high-end threads and spitting the most fire of fiery raps and merging both worlds by coming out with his own clothing line.

In a new interview with GQ, he discussed his new style endeavor, Kendrick Lamar’s verse heard around the world, snoozing on planes and what he does to cover his “big head.” Screen the highlights below.

GQ: One last time in 2013, I wanna ask you about that “Control” verse. Kendrick had some choice words after your response dropped.
Meek Mill: I was just having fun when I did that. He’s another guy from the hood who came up. We’re from all the bad stuff that really happened. I was just having fun, talking shit. But that ain’t where I make my money.

GQ: Dreamchasers 3 has been out for a minute now. What’s next for Meek Mill?
Meek Mill: Up next is the album, touring, and a little movie on the way for “Tony Story” with Queen Latifah. That should come out some time in February.

GQ: Tour life is a full-time gig. Can you sleep on planes?
Meek Mill: Oh yeah I sleep. I haven’t been awake on a plane in like six months. I get under the covers up in first class, and use my phone until we’re way up in the air because they can’t tell I’m under there on Instagram.

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