Mob Wives Drita D’Avanzo Dishes the Dirt, Chats About New Season and New Drama

Mob WivesHow do you feel about the way Love left the show last season?

That was a situation that I had to be really careful about and I tried to be careful about. A lot of people expected me to say something about what happened with Love and the fight but I wanted to be careful not to sound hypocritical. How would it look if I would have said something about the fight? I would be a hypocrite if I did that so I was careful to not speak about that. I will say that I thought it was unfair that she wasn’t at the reunion show and couldn’t speak for herself.

She wasn’t invited to the reunion show?


What can we expect in season four?

Drama! And new blood.

Who are you closest to within the cast?

Big Ang

Did you know each other before filming started for this season?


Alicia, was it hard to be the newcomer?

Yeah, well you know there’s five of us in total, two new and three old. So we all had to get to know each other and adjust. It was hard.