Mob Wives Drita D’Avanzo Dishes the Dirt, Chats About New Season and New Drama


Drita D'AvanzoI know that at the end of last season Lee was just beginning to end his arraignment. How has that dynamic changed within your relationship and your household?

It’s been a definite change. For a while it was like a rollercoaster but we’re finally at a point where the rollercoaster is straight and it isn’t going up and down.

I know you’ve said in the past that Lee has no desire to be on the show. Does that affect your filming?

It’s hard because he doesn’t want to be on the show. Before when he would call from prison the cameras had to be around to catch that phone call, but now he’s around all the time and I’m always on the phone with him. He’s still on the show, you just don’t see his face.

How do your daughters feel about the fame?

Aleeyah has had some issues at school with bullying because of the show and you’ll see that this season.


Yeah, the popular girls see that she’s on TV and there are haters everywhere. She doesn’t care about the show and she’ll tell you that her mommy’s not cool, she’s strict! But if you ask Gizelle, her last name is Mob Wives. She says I’m ‘Gizelle from Mob Wives’ so they’re totally different. Aleeyah is like Lee with that about the show.

Mob wives glamorizes the Mob lifestyle. How do you stray your daughters away from that? Are you scared that that would influence them in any way?

Well, I don’t think Mob Wives glamorizes this lifestyle. It does the opposite. You see all of us with our issues and drama from it and my daughters don’t watch the show. They’re not allowed. I’ll edit it afterwards and make it so that it’s just their scenes and funny moments for them, but they’re not allowed to watch the show. If they do behind my back I don’t know about that but I’ve thought about this question and what I would say to my daughters when the times comes up. If Aleeyah tells me ‘what do you mean I can’t date that guy, you dated daddy” I’ll tell them that if you want to have your kids cry for six years then that’s on you because that’s what I went through.

I know that you have your own make up line but do you have any beauty secrets?

Yes, I do. I think what people want to know and are interested to know is how to do make-up in a short amount of time. So many people say to me ‘oh you look great with no make-up’ and I say ‘I do have make up on you just can’t notice it’. I’m actually going to put videos on my site to show how to do make-up and how to do in a short period of time because everybody has things to do.

Do you have a signature scent?

I’m actually really picky with that stuff. I used to run the cosmetics counter at Saks and mix different things together and people would try it and they loved it and they would wear it. So I wear my own thing.

So can we be on the lookout for a Drita perfume?