New Music: Kitty Cash Compilation ‘Love The Free’ (with Kelela, Sampha, Vic Mensa, and More)


Following in the same vein as Solange’s ‘Saint Heron’ compilation that featured rising R&B and indie pop acts, Kitty Cash is unleashing a lush 40-minute mix of similar talent. Kelela and Sampha are specific overlaps, but there’s contributions from Kilo Kish, Vic Mensa, Michael Uzowuru, Phony PPL, Chippy Nonstop, Jesse Boykins and many more. Stream the entire thing below and take a look at the tracklist to see if there’s anybody you’re a fan of. We guarantee you’ll find something new to love on here.

1. Kilo Kish – “Love The Free (Intro)”
2. Kelela – “The High” (Prod. Gifted & Blessed)
3. Phony Ppl – “Baby, Meet My Lover”
4. Jesse Boykins – “Our Party”
5. Jean Deaux – “Find You (Feat. Sampha)” (Prod. Sampha)
6. Michael Uzowuru – “March 12th”
7. Jimi Nixr – “Crush”
8. Kid A – “Oh Me (Oh My) (Feat. Agoria)” (Prod. Agoria)
9. Childish Major – “Vietnam (Don’t Let It Fall)”
10. Fwdslxsh & MD $ – “Got Me Saying”
11. Sango – “11:30″
12. The Internet Interlude
13. Chippy Nonstop – “Kitties with the Ca$h (Feat. Little Payne)”
14. Marvel Alexander – “It’s All That Stops”
15. Justin Rose – “Tomorrow’s Love”
16. The GTW – “Bleach Pool”
17. Melo X – “She’s On Fire”
18. Vic Mensa – “She Loves The Mirror” (Prod. Cam)
19. DJ Thoth -” Free Bliss (Outro)” (Prod. The Super 3)