New Pantene Commercial Addresses Labels Against Women


VIBE-Vixen-Pantene Youtube
“It’s time we put an end to labels against women,” is the approach Pantene took on their new commercial which shed light to the perception of women and men in the work place. A topic that is hid well in the workplace is brought to the forefront in this commercial and causing quite a stir. The Phillipine-based commercial shows a man and women doing the same thing but perceived two different ways. While the male is praised the woman is bashed further perpetrating the idea that men are superior and should stay that way.

Thanks to Facebook chief of operations Sheryl Sandberg the video became viral and opening up the topic of conversation in the workplace. While we haven’t opened the floodgates to these type of truths on our big screens we can at least watch it online. Press play to see the video.


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