New Video: K. Michelle ‘Christmas Night’


K. Michelle has a special Christmas message and she is saying it with a song or two.

The Rebellious Soul singer has releases a two-song holiday package via iTunes. The bundle includes her take on the Christmas classic “O Come All Ye Faithful” and the original track “Christmas Night,” the latter where the Memphis native performs live for the song’s video.

“Everybody isn’t always happy on Christmas,” K. Michelle begins on “Christmas Night.” “Some people, they reminisce on the loved ones that they lost. Some people reminisce on things they never got for Christmas.”

Yep, the song doesn’t exactly spread holiday cheer, but nonetheless K. Michelle manages to lament about her love lost with rich, lush vocals, making for a worthwhile listen. “I sit by the fire while the snow falls down outside/ I should be happy, but I just wanna cry/ cause those gifts that you bought me still under the tree/ I should tear ‘em up just like you did to me,” she sings. Take a listen above.