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Jade Novah

Jade Novah made waves with a Beyonce parody and now she’s ready to take over the music world with her own music. This Ohio native/Atlanta transplant is an industry pro with high profile songwriting credits, but today, she’s got tunnel vision while she puts the finishing touches on her anticipated project In Search of Me.

On Her ‘Show Out’ visuals: The Show Out video was crowdfunded by my supporters. The feedback has been wonderful and the fans have a connection to the video because they were the ones that helped make it happen. As far as the song itself, I’m very pleased with the feedback that it’s been getting.

On Her New Album: The album is called In Search of Me and it’s a unique take on creating an album because it’s my producer [Devin Johnson] and I- we actually wrote a storyline and made the songs around that story. It’s a fictional account of a girl’s journey to finding herself through the things she wants and goes through. Ultimately, everything you want and need is within yourself. It’s not external.

On connecting with other Ohio artists: When I was in Cleveland, I wasn’t actively pursuing my artistry. I started this project in 2012. My main focus when I was there was songwriting for artists. So I didn’t really have that opportunity to connect as Jade Novah the artist with other artists. I definitely support all of the independent artists in Cleveland.