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Jade Novah

On getting her start in songwriting: I’ve written for Melanie Fiona (“Watch Me Work”), Mya, Christina Milian and a few other people. [Writing] was kind of a natural progression. When I was younger, I did a lot of girl groups, but in those situations, I never really felt like an artist who was able to express herself. Writing was a way for me to have a lot more control without management. That’s why I did it initially. From there, I just developed relationships and built my confidence creatively.

Her collaboration wishlist: I would love to write for Beyonce or Rihanna, which is the holy grail for most writers.

Impersonations come easily (see above): Acting is a huge part of my artistry and something I want to get into. I wanted a way to show my supporters more than the music aspect. It was a catalyst, something to get people to recognize my talents outside of music. Beyonce was always my favorite, but I’m pretty confident I could do a mean Kim Kardashian.

How She Describes Her Music: It’s theatrical, a mix of R&B and Broadway. I wanted to bring those two together and create this visual music.

Watch “Show Out” and her Christmas medley below!