NYE Weekend Review: Life In Color Brings The Neon-Clad Circus To Atlantic City

Lights. Color. Action. For those who wanted to kick start their New Year’s before the big ball drops on Tuesday night, there was Atlantic City’s “Life In Color” – known as the world’s largest paint party – as EDM enthusiasts gathered to rave along with the events headlining acts Dyro, TJR, Krewella and Sebastian Ingrosso.

Before one can enjoy the festivities though, a large line just outside the gate first greets them. Though such a sight would make you scream out the most random obscenities as you freeze in winter weather with only a tank top and tutu to keep you warm, the line moves rather quickly while giving you a chance to socialize with the rave community. You come across some who have gone to every Life In Color event since its beginnings or those who are completing the festival circuit after attending both Electric Zoo and Electric Daisy Carnival. Before you know it, the long line feels like a small speed bump as one reaches the entrance and delves into the music and chaos.

As we all gather under the huge white tent that covers AC’s Bader Field, you can’t help but be reminded of the circus and what a three-ringed event LIC proved to be. You had your ringleader at the back of the tent, raised on high by large deck set and sound system as they orchestrate the crowd and the atmosphere with their beats and playlists while rave fairies pranced along the floor in what seemed like a modern day version of Fantasia’s centaur scene.

Of course every circus also has its fair share of freaks. Masked dancers clad in tie-dyed body suits hoisted themselves on rope wires as they were lifted in the air to show off their suspended acrobatic moves, all while towering figures on stilts walked beneath them. Once they were done with the theatrics, the real party began as the paint bomb countdown reached 0:00:00 at 11 am. Out came the neon lit hoses, which spewed florescent slime streams of green and pink on the crowds who made it to the front of the stage. These people stood within the paint bomb splash zone, becoming completely drenched in the slippery, colorful substance. Even the Krewella sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf took part in the action, as they stood within the firing squad of the paint hoses and ended up looking like bottles of Pepto Bismol.

At the end of the night, Sebastian Ingrosso closed out with his 2013 breakout hit “Reload” and fans/participants walked out looking like color-bombed victims. Congratulations went out to the ones who were hit the worst, sporting both green and pink paint as well as confetti, as the youth trudged back to their hotel rooms in desperate want/need of showers, food, and maybe a little a bit of gambling.