EDM Legend Paul Oakenfold Scoffs At Paris Hilton Being Named A ‘Top 5 DJ’

In case you missed it last week, Paris Hilton has gone on the record to say that she is one of the top five DJs in the world right now. We sincerely hope her statement was actually a joke (good one Paris) because aside from residencies in Ibiza and Vegas, this girl has yet to earn her diamond-encrusted headphones on the decks before putting herself anywhere near the legends that dominate the genre.

One of those legends is Paul Oakenfold, a man who probably spun at Paris Hilton’s first rave. When TMZ asked Paul about Paris’s statement, he took the news rather well, posing a smile of disbelief before politely saying, “I haven’t heard her DJ, but she’s not one of the top five DJs.”