Photos: Tommy Lee Helps Bring Beats To The Bedroom


Tommy Lee is known for a lot of things. First and foremost, as the founding member and drummer for Motley Cure and Methods of Mayhem. Then there was his infamous marriage (there were others too) to Pamela Anderson, and its subsequent XXX-rated tape, a solo career, an autobiography and more. But for now, America’s quintessential rock star is not giving up on his DJ sideproject… and he ain’t that bad at it too.

Lee helped christen the new Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs with a DJ set alongside his tag-team turntablist DJ Aero. The event marked the dawn of Hard Rock’s The Sound of Your Stay mix. program, part of Hard Rock’s relentless mission to bring music into their suites. The mix. service encourages guests to order DJ equipment — one of several Traktor Kontrol Z1 systems — up to their room like it’s room service and turn their room into a club, as long as the neighbors don’t complain. (They actually have headphones for that.) For Lee and Aero’s set, the party remained in the lobby, converted into a VIP dancefloor, for the most part this one late Friday fall night.

“Music is the soul of the Hard Rock brand and it is what sets Hard Rock Hotels apart as a travel destination and truly unbeatable experience,” says Blake Smith, global director of music and marketing for Hard Rock Hotels & Casino. “As Hard Rock celebrates groundbreaking trends and the freedom of creative exploration, amenities like mix. are a testament to the brand’s passion for both innovation and ingenuity.”

Hey, whatever keeps the party going. And Tommy Lee knows how to party.