Is This Picture Proof That Drake And Kanye Have Been Recording Together?

You might have heard a rumor that Drake is planning on dropping a couple more songs for his fans before the New Year. ‘Take Care Package’ has got a lot of hype surrounding it, and the release date is still mysteriously unknown, though plenty of certified people on Twitter have confirmed that it’s coming soon. One lingering question is causing the most curiosity, though: will Kanye West be included on the EP?

A couple nights ago, the photo below was snapped outside of a studio in Toronto. This was the same night that Kanye brought out Drake at his Yeezus show in Toronto, and as you can see in the picture, that looks like Drake’s whip judging by the license plate. Were Drake and Kanye finally recording together?

It’s all very vague, and we the people might not hear any new music from Drake for awhile, but whether or not you were a fan of Nothing Was The Same, you can’t deny that you’d listen to Kanye West and Drake on the same track. Let’s hope it’s happening. — Max Weinstein