Premiere: The Dividends Feat. Raekwon ‘Fool’s Gold’


Twenty years deep and Wu-Tang Clan’s influence on hip-hop is as potent as ever.

Method Man just blazed a his guest verse on A$AP Mob’s “Trillmatic” and here we have Raekwon—lyrics still sharp as steel—dropping in on The Dividends new track, “Fool’s Gold.”

The Dividends, comprised of singer Sarah Jaffe and producer S1 (Kanye, Jay Z, Beyoncé), formed following a studio session with The Cannabinoids and decided to drop their Far From Away EP, scheduled to drop in 2014.

“Sarah Jaffe is amazing,” says Symbolyc One. “I truly believe we have something really special when we’re working together. The first three songs we ever collaborated on were picked by major artists—including Eminem’s ‘Bad Guy’—so it was only right that we proceed and present our ideas through what we know now as The Dividends.”

Jaffe adds: “‘Fools Gold’ was so much fun to write. My voice next to Raekwon’s still trips me out. I’m a massive fan of his so it was an honor to share a song with him.”

Check out the reggae-tinged track from The Dividends’ Far From Away EP below.