Questlove Named TIME’s Coolest Person Of 2013

One quick scroll down Questlove’s timeline and you shall see what automatically makes him the coolest. TIME magazine decided to solidify his radness and crowned the Roots’ drummer the coolest person of 2013 based on the following cool points:

-Penning two books: his memoir Mo’ Meta Blues—and a coffee-table book chronicling Soul Train
-Composing the music for Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer
-His website, Okayplayer, which allows alternative musicians to create songs together online, made the dopest Christmas sweater ever
-Deejays at a bowling alley in Williamsburg, Brooklyn every Thursday
-He’s about to become the bandleader on The Tonight Show when Jimmy Fallon takes over
-He also deejayed at 13 weddings this year

No question about it: Quest has had a pretty cool year. Read the full story at TIME here.

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