Quiz: Did R. Kelly Write These Songs?

The pen and production are much mightier than, well, arguably anyone else’s when it comes to R&B god R. Kelly. Throughout his 20-plus tenure, the Chicago-born pied piper has crafted a musical blueprint so undeniably genius that today’s top producers and artists still mimic Kellz’s old tricks (Trey Songz, anyone?).

But the veteran crooner (unicorn!) is back, emerging with his new LP Black Panties (Dec. 10) and Lady Gaga collaboration “Do What You Want” in tow. So while we’ve got most of the 46-year-old legend’s résumé down pat—including writing and production credits for Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga and Celine Dion—here’s a quick refresher quiz on the artists, past and present, who you probably would’ve never guessed got the R. treatment.

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