R. Kelly Once Gave His Girlfriend A ‘Helicopter Christmas’

When you’re R. Kelly’s woman, the gifts literally fall from the sky outside. During a candid interview before Christmas, Kellz told MTV News that he gave his girlfriend the surprise of lifetime last X-mas.

On the morning of the big holiday, the crooner summoned his leading lady and her family to the front lawn where a helicopter flew by and showered them with teddy bears and gifts.

“There was a fur coat, Tiffany’s [jewelry] and some Victoria’s Secret. There was just bags for everybody.” “I like surprising girls,” he added. “I like to be romantic.”

Kellz also says he has an even bigger surprise in-store for her this year.

“I love romantic things to do for my girl,” Kellz told MTV News, before detailing the huge surprised he pulled off last year. “Last Christmas she went outside, her and her family and friends, and a helicopter flew over my house, dropped off a bunch of bears and the bears had a song playing. It was over 50 bears and the helicopter landed on the lawn.”

via MTV News