Report: Beyonce Sells 430K In Less Than 48 Hours


Beyonce is looking to possibly break some records with the first week sales of her self-titled visual album.

The LP, containing 14 new tracks and accompanying videos plus bonus material, dropped with zero promotion on Thursday (Dec. 12) night. Beyonce was made available solely via iTunes for $15.99. Single tracks were not offered and will not be available until Dec. 20, which means everyone buying the Beyonce album is purchasing the complete set at the $15.99 price tag. And, that’s not stopping anyone.

According to Billboard, Beyonce’s first week projected sales are looking to be her best ever. Beyonce had sold 80,000 copies of her fifth album between the LP’s 9PM PT drop time to midnight, a mere three hours. On Friday, she sold 350,000, meaning that in less than 48 hours her album sales had notched 430,000.

With two more days to go in the sales week, it is expected that she will sell around 600,000 copies total, making for her best debut ever. Her debut LP, B’day, sold 541,000 copies back in 2006.