Report: Beyonce’s Physical Album Will Not Be Sold On Amazon

Add Amazon to the list of retailers boycotting Beyonce’s visual album. To be fair, the e-retail site is only semi-boycotting King Bey’s platinum fifth LP.

Beyonce released her self-titled new album a little more than a week ago, with no prior marketing and exclusively on iTunes. The 14 track “visual” album, complete with 17 accompanying videos for each track plus three bonus tracks, was reportedly only sold digitally on iTunes to prevent leaks and any gossip on Beyonce’s big surprise. But after she successfully released the LP, retail outlets got pissed.

Target was the first to stand its ground and boycott the sale of Beyonce’s album, citing digital supply and demand as the culprit, not exactly hard feelings. Amazon, will not be selling Yonce’s album in the physical format either, but it is available for digital purchase. Billboard points out that it is available via Amazon’s third-party sellers, but has not received any “prime real estate” on the site, meaning – if you want the new Beyonce album you are going to have to look for it.