Skrillex: The End Of An Era

Skrillex will perform atop an LED-riddled, futuristic spaceship tonight, New Year’s Eve 2014 in Australia, for the very last time.

“It’s gonna be the last show we do with that spaceship, ever,” Sonny Moore said in a recent interview. “Maybe we’ll have to burn it at the end and do a little weird seance dance inside of it or something.”

The American dubstep revolutionary and herald of EDM also spoke of his many achievements in the past few years, which include nabbing six Grammy Awards. “I’m not trying to be underground and I’m not trying to be overground,” he said. “If you break any of those [Grammy-winning] songs down, none of those are pop songs – they’re still kind of a dance structure. I think it’s really cool that different styles of not only production and culture but different styles of songwriting are now accepted on the radio. It’s changing the way the pop structure is, so it gives a lot more wiggle room for people to be creative in songwriting.”

After recently having to cancel his Dog Blood performances with Boys Noize at Steresonic, Skrillex explains the choice was made out of commitment to a new album he has in the works.

“It was such a hard decision to make,” Moore says. “I got these sessions booked with different vocalists and different people and if I didn’t get it done that time … y’know, I’ve never cancelled a show like that before. But it’ll definitely be worth it in the long run.”

Via: The Sydney Morning Herald