Snooki Defends Kim Kardashian In Forthcoming Book

Jersey Shore starlet Snooki isn’t here for the media’s scrutiny of pregnant celebrities.

In her forthcoming book Baby Bumps, the reality TV personality, real name Nicole Polizzi, detailed her weight gain during pregnancy and the press’ negative portrayal of preggo stars.

“So much is made in the media about celebrity pregnancy weight gain. Some women have been mocked cruelly for it,” Snooki penned. “Tabloid monitoring of how fast women lost the baby weight is practically a blood sport.”

Snooki also name dropped two high-profile stars that were under the tabloid’s watchful eye.

“Just look at how Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian were tracked and criticized in the media. Awful!” Snooki said. “Worrying about weight gain made the nine months even harder.”

Baby Bumps hits shelves Jan. 14.

Photo Credit: Getty Images