Spike Lee Reacts To Claims ‘Oldboy’ Poster Designs Were Stolen

Designer Juan Luis Garcia recently claimed an ad agency used his concept designs for Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake without permission.

Writing an open letter appealing to the director for assistance, Garcia said he worked exclusively for almost two months on project only to be lowballed by the ad agency. After declining the low offer for his work, Garcia claims that the agency used his work anyway, and did not pay him for it.

He also said the agency threatened to take legal action against him when he complained.

Lee, responding to the claims via Twitter last Thursday, wrote, “I never heard of this guy Juan Luis Garcia. If he has a beef it’s not with me. I did not hire him. Do not know him. Cheap trick writing to me. Yo.”

People took to Lee’s Instagram page to comment on the situation with them all asking the director to help Garcia out. One man even wrote, “Dude pay the graphic artist.” Lee quickly responded writing, “Why should I pay someone who I never met nor had any contact with ever? He never made any deal with me. Why don’t you pay me for your stupid text on Thanksgiving Day?”

Spike should know now not to feed the trolls.

Garcia said he wanted to contact Lee after seeing that the director had used the Oldboy promotional materials in question in his social media feeds. “I couldn’t believe that you had been using and claiming copyright on three of those very same posters I designed,” Garcia wrote. “I just couldn’t believe it. I perceive you as an advocate of the arts and artists and have a sinking feeling that you are as much of a victim in this as I am.”

The hope from Garcia is that he hopes Lee could help him resolve the situation with the ad agency without taking any legal action.

Oldboy is currently bombing at the box office, and may not reach $2 million during its five-day holiday debut.

Props: The Guardian