Stay Safe And Alert: Signs And Precautions To Take on New Years Eve

angryThe holiday season can be extremely stressful—finances are strained, we spend more time at home, kids become impatient, alcohol use increases, and tempers can be stretched to the limit. Sometimes, these combinations can lead abusers to take their frustrations and irritations out on others inside and outside of the home.

We chatted with Global Women’s Empowerment Network (G.W.E.N’s) co-founder, Tess Cacciatore, for tips to finding the signs and taking the appropriate precautions to prevent us from such dangers.

“New Year’s is the biggest holiday of concern for domestic violence abuse. Rates increase by a flustering 32 percent during this time,” shares the founder.”

In efforts to adopt safety guidelines for the holidays, G.W.E.N. shares signs to watch out for on New Years eve and precautions everyone must take to ensure a safe time.

What are the signs of danger?

Watch out for increase of short tempers; whether you have your own personal pressures and a temper that seems to get triggered more easily. Notice if people in your families have an increase temper. If so, keep your distance.