Stevie J’s Ex Hires Attorneys to Seize His Assets

Things are looking pretty bad for Love & Hip Hop’s Stevie J. His ex, Carol Bennett, previously enlisted the help of the Custodial Support Foundation and Project Child Support to help her collect the $1.2 million that she’s alleging he owes. Bennett, the Custodial Support Foundation, and Project Child Support stated last month that if Stevie didn’t pay up, they’d start looking to uncover and seize his assets—and as of this month, they’ve appointed not one, but two high powered attorneys to do just that. One being Virginia M. Rucinski, with 19 years experience; the second being Maury R. Winkler, Esquire, a family law and entertainment attorney, who is well versed in child support collection procedures and determining the income of defendants who are entertainers.

“Entertainers have the ability of using financial advisors, and managers to help them hide their income to prevent paying child support. Having attorneys with the experience of Ms. Rucinski and Mr. Winkler [who’ve been assigned to the case] when attempting to determine the income sources of someone like Stevie J is immeasurable,” says Kai D. Patterson, the founder of the Custodial Support Foundation.

It looks like Stevie J may not be able to hide from his financial obligations as a father for too much longer. — April Dawn Ricchuito 

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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