Streets Vs. Tweets: Are You Feeling R. Kelly’s ‘Black Panties’?


Streets Vs. Tweets is a regular video series where VIBE grabs real-life perspective on Twitter trending topics.

After several years of serenading us with our father’s oldies, Raunchy Kells is back. Songs like “Crazy Sex” and “Legs Shakin’” (guess why they’re shaking) pepper his latest album, Black Panties, in stores today (Dec. 10). While some of you still separate the man’s music from his past controversies, others think his X-rated content shouldstay trapped in that closet.

In this installment of Streets Vs. Tweets, we grilled pedestrians on whether R. Kelly’sreturn to baby-making music was a good idea. Watch the video above.

Best Quotable: “I guess you’re never too old for the P word.”