The Best Jay Z Lines That We Love [Video]


Jay Z Yahoo! Wireless Festival - Day 2

Happy Birthday Jay Z! The media mogul, loving husband, and father; has been changing the way men, celebrities, and families are viewed in the hip-hop community. He grew up with nothing, “raised in the projects with roaches and rats, smokers out back selling they momma’s sofa” defied odds and turned himself into into a business, “I’m not a business man, I’m a business, man.”

A feat that has forever changed the success lineage of a rapper from the hood. After getting his ducks in order career-wise he focused on the intangibles in life and made his priority his wife and family. Teaching young men that life’s about getting “the hottest chick in the game” in their eyes and putting a ring on it. He finally reached nirvana with the birth of his daughter Blue Ivy almost two years ago aka his “greatest creation” and we can say he’s officially living the American Dream. On his 44th birthday, while he makes spiritual and dietary changes, we’re celebrating his life of as a business and family man by quoting our favorite Jay Z lines.

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Photo Credit: Joseph Okpako/Getty