The Best Nelson Mandela Quotes

South Africa Mourns Death Of Nelson Mandela

The world became solemn at the death of Nelson Mandela. A man who fought until he was no longer here, lived quite the life while he was here. For a man to live 95 years is a huge feat, but to live it to the capacity in which Mandela has lived is unheard of, especially in these times.

One of the most selfless people to walk this earth, Mandela helped fight against apartheid for racial equality within his country of South America and left the world with many lessons on love, hate, education and change for all humanity. Because of his self-sacrifice, he was jailed for 27 years on Ribbons Island in South Africa and instead of becoming weaker, he became stronger and eventually, South Africa’s first black democratic president.  Mandela, alongside his wife , paved the way for others to follow their blueprint on making a positive change for the greater good. Outside of his many achievements, he was prolific and embodied wisdom.

As we celebrate a man who valued life and gave it all he had to offer, take a look at his best quotes to live by.