The Most Effective Celebrity Diets to Try For The New Year


alicia keys

2. The 5-Factor Diet

Some of the most desired bodies in the celebrity world, swear by this diet. Along with Alicia Keys, Eva Mendes and Jessica Simpson have trimmed down by the diet that comes not only from the number of elements each meal should include— complex carbs, fiber, fat, and fluids—but from the recommended five meals a day, with each recipe containing no more than five ingredients, or taking no longer than five minutes to cook and prep.

But just like any effective diet, there is also a five-day exercise plan that consists of five exercises to do for 5 minutes each.

Just before you start thinking this is WAY too meticulous for a weight loss method, the good news is that you are allowed one “cheat day” each week, where you can eat absolutely anything you like.