Timbaland: ‘The Music Of Today Is Not Like The Music I’m Making’


Iconic music producer Timothy Mosley, better known as Timbaland, claims that this generation “has no stars” and dismisses EDM as only being popular because people enjoy getting high, in his recent interview with New York Magazine.

“They have these D.J.’s, techno-whatever, that’s not music,” he said. “That just goes to show you that drugs is that popular.”

To avoid controversy, he then backtracks stating: “I don’t want to feel like I’m dissing people. Because guess what, they found a way to make a living for theyself. So who am I to dis the next man who know how to make a living for theyself?”

For the full interview click here, where Timbo talks about being deserving of a Grammy if it’s in God’s plan, his new career ventures curating music festivals in South Africa and teaching beat classes in London and his upcoming new album Textbook Timbo.

Photo Credit: Getty