Vixen Chat: Delicia Cordon Talks New Clothing Line Designed For Girls Who Like to Have Fun


Delicia CordonWhere do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from so many different places, people and designers. I get my inspiration from all over.

What do you hope that women will get out of wearing your clothing?

I want women to feel like they can stand out and feel sexy. I have the sex symbol collection which is basically about being bold and standing out in a crowd or going to an event and stealing the attention.

What message are you trying to send with your clothing?

[I want to] let women know that they can stand out. My designs are totally different than what you’re gonna find. I want people to be like ‘where did you get that?’ The worst feeling is for someone to have your dress on. I try to create pieces that no one else will have.

I’m so proud of what the brand has blossomed to. I have a kids line and I’m also working on a mens collection and a skincare line so be on the lookout for that and for anyone who wants to get into this business it has to be your passion. Some people are in it just for the financial gain and that’s cool, but if you’re passionate just stick with it and grind it out and the sky is the limit.