Vixen Boombox: Stream Bridget Kelly’s New EP “Cut To….Bridget Kelly”


Bridget Kelly EP

We have to admit we were questioning if we were ever going to get another body of work by Ms. Bridget Kelly. However just in time for the holidays, the Roc Nation signee blessed us with an early Christmas present, her EP Cut to…Bridget Kelly. Featuring her two previously released singles, “Special Delivery” and “Goosebumps”, the long wait was worth the listen.

“I speak a lot about love and my feelings on these songs,” the NY native says about her emotional rollercoaster tracks. “I speak to those who have been in relationships, the good and the bad, and that in the midst of turmoil, finding something you can smile about.”

Whether you’re lonely, mingling, in love, or healing; there’s a song for just about anyone in any space in their life. The free download will be available December 17th but until then, press play to stream it now.