Vixen Chat: Ledisi Talks Revamping Her Image, Working with Lauryn Hill and Dancing in 6-Inch Heels

Ledisi performs at Black Girls Rock

For years, Ledisi’s claim to fame has been her powerhouse voice and signature locs, but who knew the songbird could shake her tailfeather, too?! At this year’s Black Girls Rock! Awards, attendees were in for a treat when the usually reserved R&B chanteuse took to the stage in a snatched Alexander McQueen catsuit and belted out her latest single “I Blame You” without missing a beat. Surrounded by a bevy of dancers in equally tantalizing wardrobe, Ledisi emerged a new woman, not only ready to be heard, but seen as well.

Like many R&B singers, Ledisi is pretty much synonymous with underrated. Armed with a voice that many women dream of having, she’s usually the (Grammy-nominated) voice you know, but the face you can’t remember. Lucky for us, the New Orleans native has reinvented her image, giving the traditional R&B world a burst of energy and musical facelift.

Keep reading for an inside scoop on Ledisi’s upcoming LP, what inspired her BGR performance and her favorite “honest” artist.

Photo Credit: Getty Images for BET