Vixen Chat: Leela James is Back! Talks New Project, Hair, and Future in Reality TV


Are you thinking about other type of business ventures; like reality TV, fashion, or producing a hair care line?

I would like to get into all those things. There are clearly some stereotypes in reality TV and rightfully so. There is room for change.

What is your regimen on maintaining a strong head of beautiful hair?

Conditioner is important and low stress on it.  Keep it stress free and extremely conditioned.

Do you consider yourself a fashionista?

No, I’m not one of those people that live and breathe fashion. At the end of the day, I think fashion is a self expression in ones own artistic expression; whatever that is.

Describe your personal style?

I don’t have one. If there is anything to me, I’m a denim type of person. I love me some jeans just because I like to be comfortable. I’m trying to do more dresses from time to time, but its not my thing. I like them, but I like to be comfy.

Although the pressure of being #teamcuvry has lifted a little, do you still feel pressure to lose weight.

I actually feel like I can gain some more pounds. That’s just me. I think there is nothing wrong with curves. I just don’t want to look too thin where I look sickly.

You have collaborated with some amazing talent; Anthony Hamilton, Raheem Devaughn, MOBY, who was your favorite and why?

By far, I am excited about the Anthony Hamilton collab. We have done shows together, so we already had a relationship and we actually worked together in the past on my other projects but they didn’t make the record. So this this time, it was like ‘lets just try to make this happen’.

Who else do you want to or plan to collaborate with?

Prince and Andre 3000. I like Wale and I think Kendrick is cool too.

You’ve been traveling all over the world, where was the best place you visted?

Nice, France. I performed and I had a few days of R&R. It was so beautiful. I just went to the beach. Just seeing the water that crystal clear, it was just beautiful.

What makes you a Vixen?

I don’t take much stuff. I’m fierce.

Describe Leela James in ONE word?