Vixen Chat: Thicker Than Water’s Ben and Jewel Tankard Talk Family Business and Show Backlash


What do Rev Run, Kimora and Russell and Brangelina have in common? Blended families, of course. It seems Hollywood’s latest trend hits close to home as new couples come together and bring their respective kids along for the ride. Bravo—no stranger to successful reality TV—took notice quickly and enlisted The Tankards for a new show all about family and the good life.

Thicker Than Water has ruffled more than a few feathers since its November debut. Ben and Jewel, the twosome that helm Bravo’s “Black Brady Brunch” are both pastors and entrepreneurs whose possessions and blinged out lifestyle garner more attention than their actual work. Today, the two are out to prove that there’s more to their show than model airplanes and expensive jewelry.

Flip the page to see what they have to say about the meaning of “millionaire,” watching other reality shows, and of course, the finer things in life.

Photo Credits: NBCU Bank via Getty Images