Vixen Exclusive: ‘Being Mary Jane’ Star Robinne Lee Gives Marriage Advice to Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade


Robinne Lee and Gabrielle Union

In a rare and beautiful occasion,  life friendships are formed from movie sets like the one between Gabrielle Union and Robinne Lee. Both actresses first shared the big screen together as fictional sisters in Deliver Us From Eva and from that one project a life long friendship developed. Now the two friends are playing opposite one another as enemies in the new BET series Being Mary Jane. Lee plays Avery, the wife of the man Mary Jane (Union’s character) is sleeping with. Neither are just like their characters and in real life, they are closer than ever. While discussing the movie, we had to know how she felt about her friend’s recent engagement.

“I’m so excited!  I can say now, but we got the email earlier Saturday and she said ‘don’t tell anyone yet, we haven’t released the information yet,’ but we were all screaming and crying in our remote places and texting her like, ‘I can’t believe it, oh my gosh, oh my gosh’. I just came out the dentist office and I was standing there in the mall, the tears were streaming down my face, I just feel so happy for her. They’ve been together for a while and she so loves him; she so loves those kids too. They’re just a family.  They’ve been a family for a while, so I’m really happy they’re making it official. It’s a good thing.”

Unlike Dwyane Wade’s future wife, Lee has actually been married for a while with two small children of her own. After praising her friend and Wade for getting down on one knee, she gave marital advice.

“We talk about this all the time; this is nothing she hasn’t already heard from me, but communicate, talk, keep the lines of communication open. Learn to trust, be honest, be friends, and support each other. Think of yourselves not so much just as lovers but you’re a team now, you will be doing everything for team Union/Wade.”