Watch: An Evening With Chance The Rapper

While making his show debut in London, Chance The Rapper sat down with R&R, keeping it candid and honest about stardom and signing to a label.

“I want my people to eat and I want to get money, but it’s not that sweet. It’s not that simple,” the “Chain Smoker” rapper said. “Whether I partner with more people or I accept some money from more people, I’m still going to be the guy that’s making the music, that’s going to be a constant. The real thing is do I believe that I have the power and the energy and the hunger to do it by myself or am I a person that needs someone else’s help?”

He continued about celebrity, “…Fame’s not a real thing. It’s not tangible it’s all perspective. It’s all about how a person feels or what they allow themselves to feel about a person.”

Check out the video above where he also performs with Mr. Hudson and talks touring with Eminem.