Watch The First Episode Teaser For ‘SWV REUNITED’

SWV are making a comeback and they’re doing it in front of the cameras. SWV REUNITED is a six-part reality series that follows the ’90s R&B group as they try to get back on the road behind I Missed Us, their first album since disbanding in 1997. The show follows Coko, Taj and Lelee as they try to make a comeback in the music business, all awhile fixing the problems that disbanded them back in the day. In the teaser for the show’s premiere, the trio is seen at rehearsals trying to get it together for a sold out show in London. Not everyone is exactly focused. SWV REUNITED looks a bit tamer than Housewives, but will likely bring back some bad memories on this long and interesting road to their comeback. Let’s hope they don’t get too weak in the knees along the way. SWV REUNITED premieres on Jan. 23 at 10/9PM CT on We tv.