Watch: Nicki Minaj Makes Her Film Debut In ‘The Other Woman’

Young Money’s own Nicki Minaj is making her acting debut in Nick Cassavetes’ revenge comedy, titled, The Other Woman, which also stars Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann.

The plot finds Cameron Diaz finding out that her beau has a wife (Mann) and the two conspire revenge against him when they find out he has a second mistress.

The second lover just so happens to be Kate Upton.

It’s an incredible take on a Broken Hearts Club subject, replete with scenes involving heavy drinking, champagne-brunch toasts to taking fidelity by the horns and strolls through Central Park to plot revenge. Minaj plays Dianz’ uncompromising assistant at a law firm who is also on her third marriage.

Cassavetes directs from a script penned by Melissa Stack. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau plays the husband with the wandering eye.

The vengeful flick will ravage theaters on April 25, 2014.

Watch the trailer for yourself below:

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